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13 episodes X 30 min
Target Ages
Age 8 to 12
Production Method
2D/3D Digital Animation
Beta SP PAL / Digital Betacam PAL
Year Of Production
Bahasa Malaysia
Makmur Megah Sdn Bhd
Sales Rights


Hang Tuah is a half an hour action adventure animation series based upon the Legend of Hang Tuah, a renowned Malay warrior during the Malacca Empire. The story portrayed is a combination of history, legend and fiction. It revolves around the time when Hang Tuah and his companions, Jebat, Lekir, Lekiu and Kasturi were around 11 years old. The story started in 1456, when Hang Tuah and his parents (Hang Mahmud and Dang Merduwati) arrive in Malacca from Bentan. They build a home at Kampung Duyung where Tuah befriends Jebat, Kasturi , Lekir and Lekiu. Their friendship triggers their thirst for adventure.

The series is set during the glory days of the Malacca empire under the rule of Sultan Mansur Shah. The series portrays the deeds of the great warriors, such as digging a well , learning martial arts, fighting marauding pirates, sailing high seas and meeting famous people from Malay folklore such as Badang the strongman, Pak Pandir the fool, Pak Kadok the man who lost his land, Kelembai the giant, Awang Kenit the dwarf and many others.




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