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26 episodes X 30 min
Target Ages
Age 8 to 12
Production Method
3D Digital Animation
Full HD (1920 X 1080)
Year Of Production
2009 / 2010
Bahasa Malaysia
Makmur Megah Sdn Bhd
Sales Rights


NAUGHTY DINO (SETELUR) season three and four continues the journey of the two young twin dinosaurs Pim and Pop in the Jurassic world. The new season kicks off with a surprising beginning when their village was attack by three ferocious T Rex. The T Rexs took their friend Tonjoi and their teacher Cikgu Latipah with them. Atuk Pam and the others have to move on to survive. They later moved on to a new home, The Enchanted Valley. At the valley they met new friends in Adik the long neck species, Cikgu Mona and the one they thought they’ve lost his sense of humor for good, Tonjoi twin brother Bonjoi. They were later join by friends from their old home such as the cavemen especially Apopot and Umbogo, Uncle Raksaksa , Megawus and others.

The new and bigger home promises new and bigger adventures for the twins. Together with their friends they explore the New World with wit, friendship and laughter. NAUGHTY DINO (SETELUR) the new season brings more fun, laughter and action but at the same time still promotes good moral values to the viewers especially for the target viewers, the children.


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