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26 episodes X 30 min
Target Ages
Age 3 to 6
Production Method
3D Digital Animation
Beta SP PAL / Digital Betacam PAL
Year Of Production
2008( Season 1) / 2009 (Season 2)
Bahasa Malaysia
Makmur Megah Sdn Bhd
Sales Rights


MAC and Ted is an educational 3D animation series that tells the adventures of a cute little robot named MAC who lives with Ted's family on earth. MAC accidentally crashes his spaceship at Ted's backyard and immediately captures the family's heart with his cute and fun personality. MAC has much to learn about his new home, which he finds out is called Earth. MAC finds Earth very exciting and wants to know how everything works. MAC and Ted become best friends, as Ted teaches MAC something new every day. MAC likes Earth, and decides that it shall be his new home. Ted's family accepts MAC into their home and treats him like a member of the family. MAC even calls Ted's father "Dad" and calls Ted's mother "Mom". Dad fixes MAC's spaceship and MAC contacts his friends on his planet, called "Neon", to tell them he will be staying on Earth for a while. After learning something new each day, he contacts his friends back home on a special computer phone, to tell them what interesting things he has learnt. MAC's quest for knowledge about all the things he sees on Earth reflects the educational aspect of the animation series. Children will learn along with MAC in a fun and happy way. The character design reflects the fun and cute concept with cuddly, cute and adorable characters. Mac and Ted is an animation suitable for children and the entire family to enjoy with sing-along songs and fun story lines for the family to enjoy.


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