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Family Entertainment
52 episodes X 30 min
Target Ages
Age 6 to 12
Production Method
2D Digital Animation
Beta SP PAL / Digital Betacam PAL
Year Of Production
2004 (Season 1 &2) /2005 (Season 3 &4)
Bahasa Malaysia
Makmur Megah Sdn Bhd
Sales Rights


Tok Tam revolves around a group of animals who live in a small village deep in the Malaysian heartland. They live in a barn led by an old and wise Turkey , Tok Tam. Along with him is the family of Jaguh the rooster, Bu the hen and their chicks, Chick and Chacko There are also Misai the cat, Mak Boo the cow, Pak Bekk the goat, Cik Lenggang the duck and Cik Siti the mouse. In the series, Tok Tam retells moral-filled stories complete with messages and values for the viewers. Among the stories that are told are the Rabbit and The Tortoise, The Greedy Lion , The Wise Mousedeer and many more. In every episode, you will also be entertained by folk songs from the region. Each song will be presented with dances and sketches performed by the animated characters from the series. The series will also dole out advice and guidance in a special segment with Tok Tam on safety measures such as crossing the road, handling electrical appliances and many more. Meanwhile, Professor Jampuk the Owl and friends teach the alphabet and introduce shapes and colors. Jaguh and his family will also visit interesting holiday locations in a special segment that blends the animation with actual visual of the locations.




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