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90 min
Target Ages
Age 8 and above
Production Method
2D Digital Animation
Beta SP PAL / Digital Betacam PAL
Year Of Production

Bahasa Malaysia
Makmur Megah Sdn Bhd
Sales Rights


Merong Mahawangsa at his training ground at Rom receiving the Sum Sum ........(tha magic bow). Rome Caesar receiving proposal from Chinese Emperor for marriage. Merong Mahawangsa and his crew on their journey to China, sail through Selat Melaka. Rajawali saw them - fly to Garuda. Garuda attack and Merong struck three arrow from his magical bow - 1 turn into the Jerai mountain , 2 hit Garuda , 3 message to Jentayu - delivered by Cenderawasih. Jentayu arrived and fight with Garuda, Jentayu lost and Garuda flew away with the prince of Rom. `Garuda was injured) and Merong look in disbelief. Merong was then elected as the King of Langkapuri and Garuda stay at the big cave at a mountain to heal his injury - meditate - Year past by (1000 purnama )

Merong died and Langkapuri is now rule by his son, Langkapuri is now rule by Merong sons, Raja Langkapuri. The 1000 purnama have ended - Garuda is now heal. The feud between Raja Kasarung (and evil king - visual refer to Angkor wat) and Raja Langkapuri have grown worst when Raja Langkapuri’s first wife P. Antah Berantah betray Langkapuri. Raja Kasarung summon Garuda with a glass ball. Garuda attack with the assist of Raja Kasarung’s men. Raja Kasarung holding a glass ball (with Garuda’s symbol on it - stand with a gold claw across it ) and Langkapuri fell. Raja Langkapuri summon Jentayu. Jentayu emerge from the arrow , it seems that Jentayu is winning but at the same time Raja Kasarung manage to grab the bow - in the fight the bow was lost (gaung). Jentayu was beaten again and dissappear along with the bow. Raja Langkapuri was captured - while his wife and son (Putera Kencana) looks on sadly. Raja Kasarung and Garuda scream in victory

A few hundred years after... The time has past - the tale of the fight between Garuda and Jentayu is long forgotten. For the old the tale is just a legend and for the young the tale is just another story or fairy tale from the old days. The city of Langkapuri is now abandone in the jungle . A group of traders , come across an ancient city deep in the jungle (Langkapuri). There are a few men who comes along as carrier but they are really robbers .Their leader is Saguntala a young but devious man. As they stumbles upon the city , Saguntala found a hidden room with the glass ball shining bright. Saguntala found the glass ball - and with it he was summon by Rajawali to chant the `mantera’to reborn garuda. Garuda then destroyed all the traders except for Saguntala’s men. Saguntala become the new guardian of Garuda

Meanwhile the forest near Gunung Jerai is now turn into a beautiful village. The Gunung Jerai is considered sacred and control by black magic powers. The villagers are warn of the mountain. 4 kids (age 10-12) - Aswira , Teratai , Melati and Arman didn’t believe the warning and want to explore the mountain. They secretly went near the mountain ,where they saw a beautiful bird (cenderawasih) mocking them to follow it. Aswira determined to catch the bird. The bird take them to a hidden cave at the mountain. In the hidden caves Aswira stumbles into a hole.and falling deep into the hole - he found a broken bow. His friends helps him up , they decided to go back to their village. In the night Aswira look at the bow thoroughly and found a small sanskrit scripture carved on it. Aswira read the mantera - thunder and lightning struck heavily all of a sudden. Nothing happen and Aswira fall asleep and in his dream he hears a beautiful lullaby (syair) - Aswira wake up but still he hears the lullaby. Aswira start to wonder but then he saw a soft beautiful light at his window. He opens it up and saw Cenderawasih . Cenderawasih tell Aswira the history of Jentayu and the bow. It also tell Aswira that he is now the guardian of the bow and Jentayu. Then ,Cenderawasih mend the bow.
In the morning , Aswira wake up thinking that it was all a dream . But he is suprise when he saw the bow . Suddenly Cenderawasih lullaby fills the air reminding Aswira of his new fate. Aswira is confuse with what had happen..

Saguntala are now planning an invasion to conquer Nusantara with the help of Garuda. They attack the city of Pasai and the whole Nusantara is in shock. Majapahit , Bangkahulu , Dayak , Langkapuri and other city heard the news and in shock. Saguntala through Rajawali send the message for all of them to surrender to him and acclaimed him as the sole leader of nusantara - if not he will attack and destroy them one by one.

Aswira was summoned by Cenderawasih to call upon Jentayu ... Aswira decline, Garuda continue attacking other empire. One of the city is Langkapuri - where as Aswira and his friends Teratai , Melati and Arman was at their home. Arman and Teratai was taken away by Garuda , their village are destroyed. Arman was devastated.

Aswira remembers the words of Cenderawasih, he summoned on Cenderawasih - then he met up with Jentayu, Aswira summoned on Jentayu to fight Garuda. Aswira determined to revenge his friends. They came face to face with Garuda. Aswira shoot his arrow that then turn into Jentayu. Jentayu and Garuda fights. Saguntala was shock and then later told by Rajawali the story of Jentayu and Aswira.

Jentayu lost once again, Aswira feel frustrated. Aswira felt there is no more hope. Although Jentayu have lost - Saguntala is determined to get Aswira to make sure that Jentayu never rise again. Saguntala men attack Aswira but then Melati was captured in her effort to help Aswira. Meanwhile Aswira was badly injured as he falls into the water - and thinking that Aswira is dead the men goes back.. Saguntala’s celebrate the victory

Aswira is still alive - he was help by an old fisherman who brings him back to an island. There Aswira was heal and later he learn of the secrets of a true warrior. The old man teach Aswira martial arts skills and ways to combined the strength of Jentayu and his skills. Aswira is now determined to fight Garuda once again. Cenderawasih was summon and Aswira with the help of the old man seek the flowers of Eden `...........’to heal jentayu.

Garuda and Saguntala’s men keep on destroying any village that come in their path. Just like it seems no one dare to fight them - once again they heard the cried of Jentayu. Jentayu come charging but now with Aswira at his back. Aswira fire his arrow towards Garuda and finnaly they succeded. Garuda screams in pain - and flew away. Jentayu and Aswira come charging towards Saguntala and Aswira able to grab the glass ball from Marx. The glass ballwas then thrown into the sea...Saguntala is powerless and was later captured. All the people celebrate in joy.

As they celebrate - Aswira is in tears. Aswira feels relieve as Garuda have been defeated and the world is safe but sad for his friends. Aswira is determine to search for his friends that was captured by Garuda..... deep down in a jungle - a mountain prevails high into the clouds and the scream of Garuda echo throughout the jungle...



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